About Xcer


Workshop Microscope
NC Precision Electronic Discharge Machine
Precision Surface Grinder
Wire Cut Electronic Discharge Machine
Injection Machine

Low-OHM Meter
Insulation Resistance Meter
Withstanding Meter
Burning Tester
Networking Analyzer
F/O Power Meter
F/O Light Source

Today, XCER product line has been recognized and approved by SGS reliability laboratory of fixed line FTTX, telecom and CATV companies .

We designs, manufactures and customizes on its desired customer’s required specification with support free of charge tooling the mould on our part. Through a focused strategy, we have become a leading manufacturer and supplier, competing effectively with competitive price on a global basis by leveraging product value, quality and customer service. We can provide a comprehensive range of Network Components, Telecom Accessories, Telephone Accessories and Computer Cable Accessories for major O.E.M and Systems Integration Companies, giving Xcer products an international status within the Data and Communications market place. We welcome new products for mould tool up free of charge, if sufficient quantity is applied.

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