Fiber Optic: Tool

Fiber Cleaner

Fiber Cleaner
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● Designed for all kinds of simplex connectors

● Compact sized for instant hand-held operation

● Fabric Dry-cleaning without volatile residues and harmful substances

● Replaceable cartridge

● Guaranteed no residues and scratches on the connector tip

● Made with anti-static material

The Fiber Cleaner is designed in the way of handy operation.  It is so compact that it can be gripped in hand.  By pressing down the red button, the cover slides open leaving the clean weave ready to clean the connector.  It is a revolutionarily designed packet-sized cleaner that fits the movement of our hands and can be portable anywhere.  Also its anti-static materials can keep dust and particles away from your connector.

A used fabric cartridge can be easily deposed and replaced with a new one.  Owing to the super fine cross-woven fabric, the fiber cleaner offers the dry-cleaning solution that will not cause residual liquid, which leads to improper connection.  Also with two-wipes of the cleaner, all kind of dirty particles, such as dust, dripping, moist and alcohol residues can be removed completely and the connection performance improved significantly.



 Model XC-400A XC-400B
 Cleaning Capacity 400 wipes
 Cleaning Window 2 slots 1 open-window
 Applying Connector

2.5mm: FC, SC, SC2, ST

1.25mm: MU, LC


(specify when order)

 Dimension (mm) 134(L) × 100 (W) × 36 (D)
 Weight < 130g