Fiber Optic: Splice Closure

FSC-C Underground Y-Closure

FSC-C Underground Y-Closure
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FTTX Networks
Telecommunication Networks
CATV Networks
Local Area Networks
◆ High Flexibility:
a. Applicable for Single, loose and Ribbon Fiber Cable with diameter 13 to 23mm.
b. Allow max. 6 cables in and 6 cables out.
c. Applicable for Underground, Aerial, Pole mount, Direct buried, and Building environments.
◆ High Reliability
a. Reliability test: Water & Dust proof: Comply with IEC 60529 - IP 67, Laboratory test by SGS.
b. Airtight, Temperature, Tensile strength, Vibration, Pressure resistance, Repeated Pending, Voltage resistance tested by factory.
c. Material: Casing and base are made of injection-molded, high-strength & impact engineering plastic PP plus 20% Glass Fiber. Effectively prevent  
    products from aging caused by coldness, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation.
◆ Easy Installation:
a. The casing of Closure is spacious in particular for winding and storing fibers.
b. Earth deriving device installed on the casing for earth connection by the air valve.
c. Air valve installed as well for pressure test and air leakage test.
d. Advanced internal structure design, dissociated base.
e. Easy to re-enter, never require re-entry kits.
f.  Easy and fast to fix fiber cable.
g. Fiber optic splice trays is designed in Slide-in- Lock with opening angle over 90 degree, easy and fast to increase or reduce splice trays and wind cable.
h. The curved diameter meets with international standard.


  Size Max. Cable Entry ports                       Capacity Cable diameter
FSC-A 410 × 192 × 136 mm               6 Inlet
              6 Outlet
           12~96 cores (single)
           12~200 cores (Ribbon)
FSC-B 500 × 192 × 146 mm               6 Inlet
              6 Outlet
           96~192 cores (single)
           200~300 cores (Ribbon)
FSC-C 500 × 192 × 191 mm                   6 Inlet
                  6 Outlet
              192~288 cores (single)
              300~420 cores (Ribbon)