Fiber Optic: Adapter

FAD-Hybrid Hybrid Adapter

FAD-Hybrid Hybrid Adapter
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FTTX Networks
ODN - Optical Distribution Network
ONT-Optical Network Terminal
CATV Networks
LAN-Local area Networks
Telecommunication Networks
Active Device Termination
          Item                          Specifications
Bandwidth                                       1250nm~1625nm
Center Wavelength 1310nm and 1550nm
Attenuation Tolerance (dB)
1-5dB  <±0.5dB( typical ) standard
6-25dB <±10% ( typical ) standard
Return Loss
RL≤-50dB(UPC), RL≤-60dB(APC)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
-40℃~ +85℃


SC, ST, FC, LC, MU available